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Contemporary Feminism.. is the movement of nudity?

Full Definition of feminism

  1. the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

  2. organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests

I read articles on a variety of topics from political, environmental and entertainment, which means I have an opinion on most things.  Although I try to approach each topic with compassion and understand the context of our situations.

Recently, feminism has always been a hot topic in society, but of late with gender wage gap, equality, racial discrimination, acts of violence and empowerment of women is right on the pulse of our rebellion against the traditional gender ideals.  I think the problem with the age of women’s sexual revolution is the approach.  I can remember an event at the beach with my family, it was when the thong bathing suit became very popular.  I was watching my dad’s reaction to this, since it had been a very long time since our last beach adventure.  My house was pretty liberal but traditional in the sense of values and morals, we talked about many taboos because they wanted us to be prepared when confronted with a said situation.  I remember this being an awkward time in my own development, so I idolized any girl that was more developed than I , but I was curious about the the portrayal of women when we reveal to much.  Maybe that is more my more traditional side.  I can remember my dad telling me during this difficult time in my own development, that the girls give it away and leave nothing to the imagination.  I remember my feelings of conflict inside me, because I could not wait to be more than I was and the other side felt judgmental towards those girls, feeding the stigma.  The stigma that said these girls were less, less than you and me because they chose to empower themselves through their sexuality.  So instead of allowing the stigma to influence my attitudes and behaviors, I decided what is right for me, and thats it.  The basis of my interaction with people depends on how we get along, if we share common ideas, and always remember the golden rule “treat others as you wish to be treated”.  Fast forward 15 years….Technology has bestowed the “internet” to us.  And it has been incorporated into our daily lives.  And with good comes bad..and vice versa, the point is how do we conduct ourselves with such power?  We know have an outlet that is not so censored.  We end up with scandals, media manipulation of the news, Twitter feeds, Facebook, and naked selfies.  I cannot tell anyone what they should do, but I would hope they would remember that young fans are easily impressionable.  But, please don’t think that the ladies that choose to do naked selfies, is about women’s empowerment or Feminism, it is about feeding their egos because they lack the feeling of self acceptance.  They are unable to find comfort in their own skin, and I do feel a bit sad for them.  I wish they were surrounded by pure/unconditional love and support.  Feminism is about equality for all, all genders, all races, all ages, and everyone single person deserves to be treated with respect.  Maybe I am old fashioned in my belief that I can be naughty and sexy behind closed doors of my private space with my partner.  Unfortunately while they may believe they are empowering young women around the world; however they are just saying that natural beauty is so yesterday, and the only way to be accepted or taken seriously is to use our bodies.  How legit does that sound to you?  Female celebrities are embarking on a journey we have not been on before; the conversation of of closing the gender pay gap in the Entertainment Industry, but what about all the other women who are working in other industries that are suffering the gender discrimination in pay.  Administrative Assistants, the backbone of most industries get paid not enough for cost of living.  And these same companies are capitalizing the fact that the admins need these jobs, so they are stretched thin with little compensation or recognition.  But that’s another tangent.  The way this conversation played out is similar to the feminist movement, women’s rights, black women had endured years of working with little to no pay, but when the white women felt like they wanted to go to work, it became a big deal.  Many individuals in our global society suffer every day, struggle to support families, in financial ruin, underpaid, under appreciated, a fight each day for sanity.  And the least that can happen, is for individuals with celebrity power to sue it in a good way.  Represent the good things in life, not how showing off your body s a way to fight patriarchal society.  Because if you haven’t noticed we are in process of evolution, and while its not perfect, we should try to make it the best for every individual that lives.

Yes, as a woman I feel that I am empowered not just by my sexuality but also my character, compassion and continual development of self.  In my power and inequality class last year, there was a huge debate about how Beyonce is considered the voice of feminism.  Many individuals disagreed because feminism isn’t about sexualizing our bodies to obtain power.  It is about equality for all; men, women and children of all race, gender, ethnicities and all socioeconomic backgrounds. But the internet is inundated with images of women with little to no clothes, with statements about empowerment and feelings of sexuality.  A woman can be sexy without baring it all, that’s my opinion.  I will go back to my more traditional ideas on when a woman should behave badly with their partner.  These are just my opinions, and I do not expect anyone to agree or disagree.

But all this backlash from people about these images, I have to wonder if it is not creating a new modern inequality among women.  Most of us are not built like Kardashian girls, super models, nor can we afford to look like them. So there is another divide being created between us.  The affluent and everyone else.  And with the help of the Information Technology there is little to no privacy.  Anyone can post a thought, feeling, etc.  But companies like Twitter will pay celebrates for tweets to grow their own profits.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship.  And the rest of us have student debt, families, and trying to provide a stable loving environment for offspring(s).  So there is a clear and distinct line between classes.

We should all be on the same side.  Equality for all.  It is a tough journey, but I truly believe we can do it together.  We have to stand together as one community of this nation to fight for human rights and we all deserve to be treated equally.   Equality based on fairness, open to all –not based on including but not limited to race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, personal and religious beliefs – EVERYONE.


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