Political Perspectives.., Social Inequality

Society’s State of Emergency.


Social injustices are evident at every level of society, the media is designated as “entertainment” so we are only seeing what is prescribed for society, which the dominant culture demands.  24 hour coverage of crime including but not limited to, burglaries, rapes, homocides, traffic homocides, biased political crimes, racial crimes, sex crimes, terrorism, etc.  Members of our society are suffering, alone and desperate.  The values that this country was built on are still core to our culture, but what has to be formally recognized is that “one size DOES NOT fit all”.  Our societal issues stem from the government’s greed for personal and political gain at the expense of millions of members of our society.  Children under the age of 18 are suffering the most, homeless, in unstable homes, suffering from food insecurities, victims of their circumstance and the 1% is making the decisions that ensure many individuals never succeed.

Today just visiting my usual new sites, Turkey has avoided a military coup, Dallas officers from the tragedy of racial unrest being laid to rest, Pulse nightclub where a terror attack occurred in June was broken into, Hilary Clinton email scandal, the presidential campaign, all which clearly highlight issues on many levels of society.  But the common thread is crimes against humanity. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, and I was highly disappointed when he endorsed Hilary Clinton.  Watching the support, and connection to his values related to the lower and working classes of society, the daily struggles endured to just survive, the Wall Street corruption that only ensure due the downward mobility of millions of Amercians.  All of this resonated with the larger population because the majority of us are experiencing financial hardship. However, I believe that we are similar to ants, in that we can outnumber our opponents to implement positive change- no longer being “bullied” & no longer the victims to 1%.  We the people can collectively unite to make our voices heard. I was amazed when I read Jill Stein presumed Green Party President had a surge in donations within 24 hours of Bernie endorsing Hilary.  I have been following Jill Stein’s campaign.  The values of the Green Party parellel those of Mr. Sanders, except on the drone issue.  The part that was impressive is the fact the members the were supporting Bernie decided they would not support Hilary even after the endorsement, as I am intend on doing the same. We need a third party to represent the values of the underrepresented majority of our population.

Our Constitution  affords us the right to come together collectively for change in the governing of our laws and regulations.  Government only serves to improve the circumstance for those of the elite class.  Politicians no longer represent the best interest of the majority of the population, they are the dominant culture that enforces their control by limiting the potential of anyone underneath them (Institutionalized Discrimination).  The government is controlled by corporations and lobbyist’s influence further perpetuate the unfortunate circumstances of many.  The third party can represent us, can fight for the best interest of humanity.  Jill Stein extended a invitation to Bernie Sander to head the ticket for the Green Party, which I thought would be a wonderful move, however he has declined.  And while I support him, his values and beliefs, I must support the candidate who will be on the ticket, that represents my values, morals and beliefs.  I am not choosing between the lesser of two evils.

Being the eternal optimist, I would like to see Jill participating in future debates, reminding members of society there are more than two options, and we should not be limited by the prescribed dichotomy of systems by which the dominant culture demands.  If we unite collectively for the war on inequality – we can win and institute positive change for the masses, not just the selective few.  There are more of US than THEM. We can step off the treadmill of production and stand together for equal rights in recognition, promotion, salary and respect, etc. We no longer have to conform to the identities they have created for us, we all have potential in society and that should not be impeded by the elite class. #equalityforthemajority #jillstein2016  #EPluribusUnum

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